Who is Yiannis…


Born in one of Chania’s in-between-mountains villages, and raised in a rural family I was into the philosophy of the Cretan diet from a very young age.

Graduating out of the Touristic Technological Institution of Heraklion, I worked in many different restaurants and hotels around Crete.

An extremely important factor during the first few years of my career, was my cooperation with French chefs – as well as Greeks of course ,as the time went by – who really inspired me and made me love my job even more.

Through seminars , held both abroad and in Greece, gastronomic travels , reading and self experimentation, I do my best to evolve and perfect my profession, emphasizing on the best possible use of local ingredients. This comes out either in recipes as they are, or by creating new ones with the use of the ingredients without altering their character.

Olive oil, fish, seafood, greens and cheese are the materials I get most excited to work with.

Traveling, hiking, exploring different kinds of plants and trees are the things I like to get around with in my leisure.

Today as a Corporate Executive Chef and head of kitchen departments in two 5 star hotels ‘Minoa Palace Resort’ & ‘Euphoria Resort and Spa’ of E.M. Resorts association in Chania, there is one thing I can say for sure

“Nothing will work unless you do”