Born and raised in a mountainous village on Crete, i have always been an avid advocate of the Greek and especially the Cretan cuisine.

Through my work, I became a worthy ambassador of native Crete and have managed to travel to many places in the world, from Napa Valley,  California to Kuwait, and Japan  bringing with me the flavors and aromas of the raw materials impressing along the way the most demanding of palates.

Many of the visitors can’t wait to finally come across the flavorful culture of the island of Crete throughout its cuisine (the epitome of the Mediterranean diet). However my own kind of love for our cuisine and Crete’s unique materials, is pushing me to share my secrets and recipes.

In the Tsivourakis family household, overlooking the endless amount of olive trees over the hills, we normally cook homegrown chicken in the wood stove, we fry our potatoes in olive oil and on a wooden fire, we tend to boil the traditional wedding dish, or prepare ‘gemista’, ‘tzatziki’ and lamb with herbs.

We enjoy all the prepared dishes one by one, alongside fine local wine, talking about locals’ nutritional habits and about the materials of a place who is fairly called the island that holds the ‘key’ to the secret of well-being and long-living.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”



*In all the above workshops there should be a participation of 6-15 persons.


**After contacting us there is a possibility of meeting Cretan cheese and cold cuts, alongside 5 premium wines coming from the best of local producers.